(Program in progress)

Sunday 25th August 2019

10:00 to 15:30

Cost : Free to registred trainees, but separate registration here is mandatory to help us plan rooms and lunch.

The Second Annual Trainee Day, organised by the Young Researchers Committee of the EBRS, features lectures on key methods, thematic summaries, career-building seminars, and hands-on workshops by leading researchers in the circadian field, as well as a networking luncheon.  Highlights include :

a) Summary Lectures, suitable to people joining the field for the first time.

b) Technology Seminars, presenting key new methods.

c) Career Development Seminars, on topics ranging from grantwriting to interviewing skills

d) Hands-on seminar in circadian bioinformatics

e) A Keynote Lecture aimed at early-career researchers

f) A Free Lunch designed to help you connect with other students and professors